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five by five

@ Fri May 5 20:56:43 PDT 2006
tagged with self

Beautiful day today! Took the day off. Went for a bike ride, first of the year. Took a break at the half-way point, at the park by the sellwood bridge. Laid on the grass and watched the river, the dogs, the grass, the cute little green bugs that like to walk around on my pale skin. They get trapped in the forest of my massively hairy, ape-like arms. I am gentle with them, for they are not for long in this world (at least on my timeline.)

Had another conversation w/ ——— this morning, w/ the manager of the group. Not crazy about relocating.

Dinner was pok pok. Mmmm, tasty pork

My second electronics project, the digital counter, is coming along nicely. howstuffworks.com had a "how digital clocks work" page -- a decade counter, a BCD -> 7 segment display driver, and a 555 timer IC to deliver pulses. Built one counter on my existing breadboard, but ran out of space and got another one, a little nicer (& bigger) than the one from radio shack.

I drained a 9v battery pretty quickly getting it working, got some 7805 voltage regulators and hooked it up to a wall wart.. the 7805 gets frickin hot! I could smell it cooking. I added 3 1000 ohm resistors in parallel to the source supply and it's running a little cooler now... at least there's no smell :)

I need to figure out how to make a switch (mercury or something) to deliver a clean pulse. there is a circuit called a monostable multivibrator that can do this. a 555 can be configured as a monostable multivibrator. yay! now i just have to breadboard it, and then figure out how to lay it out on the circuit board. There will be quite a few wires :) maybe I should try to etch a PCB, or have a PCB made for me.. would certainly be cleaner. The whole layout & mounting will be tricky!