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Professional and Education

Once apon a time:

* I got accepted into the BFA program at DePaul University.

* I received a BA degree in Anthropology (Art History minor) from the University of Minnesota.

* I completed two years of graduate coursework in Cultural Anthropology at Ball State University.

Not too long ago:

Since leaving academia, I have been involved in library management, natural resource studies, data collection, grant-funded projects, archaeological excavation, and Native American environmental issues. Projects I have worked on include:

* Natural Resource Bibliography Database, which included fieldwork in National Parks in AZ, CO, and UT!

* Colorado Plateau Ecosystem Partnership Program
From Flagstaff, AZ I moved to Sunnyvale, CA. I got a job at Infoseek, as a Directory editor. Then Disney bought us. I moved to Oregon but through the magic of telecommuting kept my job in Sunnyvale.

Then I ditched Disney and went to work at eCompany (now known as Business 2.0), as a Web Guide manager.

Rightttt. So then I got laid off from that company.


Two jobs later (a contract archive position at the Army Corps of Engineers and one as the Managing Publisher at a small recycling magazine), I've been laid off again. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I'm very interested in writing and technology and development and non-profits and research and university/college environments and arty/interesting things. Does anybody care?

When I was in school, I had to write things that weren't as entertaining as "The Top 10 Weirdest Sites on the Web". Here is a sampling of some ancient research and a newsletter article I wrote while working in Arizona.

* Colorado Plateau Natural Resource Bibliography in Final Stages

* Navajo House Blessing Ceremony

* Collection Management Policy

And now for something completely different...

* A Short History of Arthurian Archaeology


* James.

* my blog

* Ed Fingers. Proudly hosted here at This is their page. They will be BIG.

* Kristin Hersh Portland, 3/7/01, in-store appearance at Borders

* I have two cats named Chelsea and Spencer.

*You know You Live in Silicon Valley When... Now I live in Portland, actually..

*Restaurant Guide to Flagstaff, Arizona Very old. Three and a half years old. I'm not sure the restaurants are even still there...I really just keep it posted for my sentimental amusement...

the end.